A Safe Way to Stay Connected.

Commuting to school? Visiting Friends? Going home for the holidays?
Connect with your classmates to find a ride!

Here’s How It Works:


Simply fill out this form to receive
your school’s travel-board password.


Login to your school’s travel board &
start posting ride requests and submissions!


Once you have connected with a classmate,
buckle up and head to your destination!

How would The College Carpool benefit me?

Well, for starters, our service is totally FREE!

The Driver

By offering rides via THECOLLEGECARPOOL.COM, you would not only be a kind person, but you have the opportunity to cut your gas costs down by making arrangements with your “CARPOOLER”

The Carpooler

You have the opportunity to meet new students at your university & OBTAIN A RIDE TO YOUR DESIRED DESTINATION !

The Jet-setting, Bike-riding, Mountain-climber

The College Carpool is not limited to ride-postings; make use of your school’s travel board! For example, if you purchased a plane ticket, and decided you weren’t going home/wherever on that date – you can post it on the travel board (YOUR BENEFIT: Get at least some of your money back, BUYER’S BENEFIT: They can travel at a cheaper cost than offered on a typical travel site)

Travel Boards

Find your university using the search bar, and start posting!

Haven’t registered yet?  Sign up here.

Also, keep your eyes peeled – we’re currently sprucing up our travel boards to create a better user-experience & to ensure we’ve included all of the requested universities! The new boards will be up in 2016!

The College Carpool is a “ride-share” site designed by the students, for the students. It is a safe way for you to stay connected, and a great way to meet fellow students at your institution!

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